Our custom two-tier cakes feature a 10 inch bottom layer and 6 inch top layer. Cake design will be futhers discussed upon booking.


Flavor Varieties:


Chocolate Mousse Cake (chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse, dark chocolate buttercream)


Vanilla Bean Cake (vanilla buttermilk cake, whipped vanilla filling, vanilla bean buttercream)


Red Velvet Cake (red velvet cake, whipped cookies & cream filling, cream cheese frosting)


Lemon Berry Cake (lemon cake, whipped lemon filling with mixed berry compote, lemon buttercream)


Marble Cake (marble cake, whipped vanilla filling, chocolate or vanilla bean buttercream)

Two Tier Cake

  • Cakes may be picked up only at our store, Holmestead Harvest. Pick Up Days are Wednesdays and Saturdays!