I have always been in search of the perfect tooth paste that doesn’t involve a plastic tube... and I have finally found one I love! Bonus? It’s actually a cold process soap bar AND you get a little bit of bubbles like toothpaste to make you feel like your cleaning your teeth. This bar is fabulous for taste as it doesn’t taste like a bar of soap (did you know coconut oil causes a soapy taste?) because it contains Aloe Vera (which is known for moisturizing your gums), olive oil and cocoa butter. There are also ONLY essential oils in this bar for flavor, so no sugar!!! 

  • Each bar varies in size/color due being made in small batch sizes. 
  • Each bar is approx 0.75 oz 
  • Tins are reusable and recyclable. Tins also are able to be labeled with owners name. 
  • Bars can also be stored on top of a soap dish for an even longer use. Make sure bars are able to dry out. 
  • Fluoride free! 
  • Do not swallow or eat bar. 
  • Toothbrush sold separately. Buy one here!

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, *Olive Oil, *Cocoa Butter, ^Sodium Hydroxide, *Baking Soda, Menthol & Essential Oils (Peppermint) 

 *Organic Ingredient

^ Doesn’t remain after saponification

Tooth Soap


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