Ever try a Dish Soap block??? Neither have I until I made one. And you know what? I will never go back to liquid dish soap again. This block lasts a lot longer then any bottle. You use less soap and get more bubbles! The best thing? There is no plastic waste!! 

Each block comes with one loofah sponge that is naturally antibacterial. When your done with your loofah, you can throw it in your compost pile! No more gross dirty sponges to clean your dishes with. 

  • All natural locally acquired ingredients (less of an imprint).
  • All handmade in small batches by myself.
  • Blocks range in shape/size due to hand cutting and small batches. 
  • Approx 13-14 oz large blocks
  • 1 Loofah Sponge Included
  • Keep blocks dry on a soap dish to keep your block longer and get as much use as possible. (Not included)

Ingredients: Water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide and rosemary & lavender essential oil

Rosemary Lavender Dish Soap